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Meet the Committee 2020-2021

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Clara Martins

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Anne-Sophie Pasquino


 I am thrilled to be President of Cambridge University Society for Women Lawyers and form part of an exceptional network of women in the legal profession. As President, I aim to promote UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 and increase diversity on the Executive Committee level. This year, we will be hosting panel events delivered by solicitors and barristers, fostering our partnership with our sister society, Oxford Women in Law, and broadening outreach through mentorship. 


Awards I have received throughout my professional career include, “Best Speaker” in the semi-finals of a Commercial Negotiation Competition sponsored by Ashurst LLP, successfully arguing in favour of leveraged debt for a simulated merger acquisition. I have also worked for a Legal Tech start-up as LLB Law content creator and as Pro Bono student advisor to Clifford Chance LLP.

Vice - President

I'm Clara, CUSWL's Vice-President! I am a third year Modern and Medieval Languages student at St John's College. Throughout my time at university I have been involved with many gender equality initiatives and am enthusiastic about levelling the playing field for women in the legal world. I'm also excited to bring an international perspective to our society, as I am a Canadian-born Brazilian student who has lived in different countries. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the society or would like to partner with us!


Adi Levin

Head of Art and Publicity

Hi, I’m Adi! I’m a third-year Modern and Medieval Languages student at St John’s College, I’m from New York, and I’m so excited to be Head of Art and Publicity this year. Although I’m not studying law, I’ve been heavily involved with gender equality initiatives in ybe past and I’m interested in making CUSWL more accessible to all women at Cambridge, whether they’re studying law or are simply considering it as a career path. In the past, I’ve been involved with a number of environmental initiatives and hope to pursue a career in environmental law or the public sector. Ask me about life as an international student or working abroad, and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to collaborate with CUSWL.


Ginevra Bizzarri

Head of Careers

Hey everyone, I am Ginny and I am this year’s Head of Careers!

This year I have decided to prioritise two important aspects of personal and professional development for aspiring lawyers and barristers:

- focus on helping students develop a solid commercial awareness base

- allow lawyer and barristers to gain a broad, yet in-depth understanding of the legal markets in which they want to operate.

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Sumedha Sen 


I am Sumedha Sen and am reading law at the postgraduate level at Hughes Hall.  Though my area of interest lies in commercial laws, my passion for the gender justice movement remains a dear passion. A feminist, human rights advocate, my area of interest concerns itself with the socio-legal ramifications and interaction of existing policies and legislative frameworks of various jurisdictions. The strive for gender justice and struggle for equality has permeated all spheres of a woman’s life and the legal profession isn’t alien to it.

As a student, a former practicing lawyer in India, I believe in looking beyond the ornamental representation of women in professional spheres to ensure inclusivity in true spirit. Gender justice in the legal fraternity requires a special lens of unlearning and activism. My work as the Secretary would be to help further solidarity among women of the law, to help them appraise and uplift each other through sensitization of their experiences and together strive to shatter the platitudinous glass ceiling. 


Talk to me about Intersectionality, Mooting, Taxation laws, IP laws, feminism, classic novels/drama, theatre, music, and food.


Darcy Winchborne

Publicity Officer

Hello! I'm a 2nd year law student at Jesus College from Northern Ireland and I am really excited to be managing the website this year as one of the Publicity Officers. I believe that the CUSWL is a crucial step in connecting our legal ‘female future’ to women currently in successful legal careers. This enables the creation of a support network to ensure women are empowered to fulfil their potentials rather than being limited by societal gender norms and pressures. 


The CUSWL reaffirms that women are present, active and engaged in our legal system and that our interests must be considered and weighed. CUSWL is sowing the seeds of confidence and determination in our future women in law in a way that cannot be underestimated. This is crucial in ensuring our legal profession becomes increasingly more diverse and representative of our society.

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Elizabeth Phillips

Junior Treasurer

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Phillips, and I am a first year student studying Law at Hughes Hall. I am on the affiliated 2 year Law program, and before coming to Cambridge I completed my BA in Political Science and Spanish at Columbia University in New York City. 


I am really excited to be on the CUSWL Committee this year. My specific interests include commercial, human rights and international law. 


Atiyah Kanji

Publicity Officer

Hi there, my name is Atiya Kanji and I am honoured to a Publicity Officer this year. I am currently in my final year of Law at Wolfson College and have previously completed a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Alberta and an MSc in Conflict Studies from the London School of Economics. I am deeply interested in the intersections between law and policy- specifically with regard to institutional design and governance in post-conflict areas. This year, an area I want to learn more about is banking law.As an Indian-born Canadian living in the United Kingdom, representation and accessibility really matter to me. As a Publicity Officer, I want to engage with and reach out to women lawyers from across Cambridge University- and let this society become a platform for gender equality and equal opportunity.

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Aba Amponsa

BAME Officer

Hey, my name is Aba, a first year law student at Emma and I’m one of the BAME officers for the Cambridge Women in Law society 2020-2021. I am passionate about infiltrating spaces that may seem unwelcoming for BAME student lawyers and  raising awareness about opportunities that are BAME specific in order to demystify and make more accessible the routes for getting into law for women and especially those of a BAME background. CUSWL is here to develop initiatives to support both of these groups and my role will be to help make this happen!

hannah photo.jpg

Hannah Aziza Ghulam Farag

BAME Officer

Hi, my name is Hannah and I am an LLM student at Hughes Hall. I obtained a Masters of Law from Ghent University this July, specializing in human rights law and labour law. A dedicated feminist, I have been involved in many campaigns for gender equality in the past. As a BAME officer, I look forward to extending a hand to those who have been struggling against intersectional discrimination to  help them claim their space here at Cambridge. 

Ask me about: grassroots activism, capitalism, books and documentaries 

Vivian picture.jpg

Vivian Spies

LGBT+ Officer

Hello! My name is Vivian and I am an LLM student, currently taking a leave from practice as an attorney at a global law firm in South Africa. I also hold both a Bachelor of Arts degree and LLB degree from the University of Cape Town. I am deeply interested in gender justice, critical race studies and queer perspectives of the law and hope to bring these interests to my work with CUSWL. In legal practice, my interest lies in the data, privacy & cybersecurity area. Feel free to ask me about my interests, being an international student or working as a queer woman in legal practice.


Ananya Maheshwari

BAME Officer

Hi! I’m Ananya and I’m a first-year undergraduate law student at Magdalene College. I was born in India and raised in Singapore. As a BAME officer in CUSWL, I look forward to working towards furthering the interests of the community of BAME women at and beyond Cambridge. I am particularly passionate about mentoring and helping aspiring BAME and/or female Cambridge applicants. Feel free to reach out to me about life as an international student and as a BAME woman in law.

Philippa CUSWL photo.jpg

Philippa Salewicz

Events Officer

Hello! I’m Philippa, and I’m studying an LL.M. I’ve most recently been in-house with an investment bank in Hong Kong and London and, prior to that, I was in Australia practising employment law (predominantly litigious). I try to find balance with my employer-side career with employee-side pro bono work.


I’m a firm believer in women supporting women. Organisations like CUSWL provide an excellent framework for this support to start early in women’s careers, and for diverse voices to continue to be heard in the profession.


Ask me about: Working in finance, employment law, pro bono, working as an expat

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Kohana Ah Teck

Fundraising Manager

Hi, I’m Kohana, a 1st year lawyer at Queens’ College. I am looking forward to this year on the committee and I hope that we’ll continue to be a meaningful platform for women at Cambridge!

India CUSWL photo.jpg

India Marshall

Fundraising Manager

Hi, I’m India, I’m one of the Fundraising Managers for CUSWL, and am really excited to take up this position on the committee this year. I’m a second year MMLer at St John’s studying Spanish and Portuguese — although I don’t do law, I’m really interested in going into a career in the legal sector, particularly in commercial law. I am also really enthusiastic about encouraging and promoting women to consider and then pursue a career in in this sector.


Léa de Santis

Events Officer

Hi! I’m Léa, and I’m currently studying for an LL.M. at St John’s. I’m passionnate about corporate and commercial law, and have been working for over a year at the Montreal office of a global full-service law firm. Through getting involved with CUSWL, I hope to plan engaging and inspiring events which inspire women to pursue careers in law or create opportunities for them to further their career. Ask me about: working in a large corporate law firm, my pro bono work, and doing an LL.M. abroad.


Helena de Guise

Fundraising Manager

Hi, I’m Helena! I’m a third year MMLer, and Fundraising Manager for Cambridge University Society for Women Lawyers. I joined the committee as I am deeply passionate about the promotion of women in law (as in other fields).
I’m really looking forward to meeting more of you this year  and very excited for all the events to come!

Neeva CUSWL photo.jpg

Neeva Desai

Events Officer

Hi, I am Neeva, an LLM student at Jesus College. I grew up in Mumbai, India and completed my LLB from UCL in 2019, following which I spent a year acting in theatre. I am particularly interested in the feminist socio-legal perspective, reproductive freedoms and care ethics. After the LLM, I will commence my LPC in London followed by a training contract at a city law firm. As an international student, having experienced the application and recruitment cycles for both the solicitor and barrister routes, I am excited to work with CUSWL to demystify the notion that legal careers and personal lives are mutually exclusive for women(!) and make the legal recruitment market more accessible to international students.Ask me about: mooting, studying and working as an international student, theatre, living in London!


Noelle Panlilio

LLM Representative

Hello there! I'm Noelle Panlilio and I'm very excited to be the LLM Representative of CUSWL for 2020-21. You might have guessed that I'm studying the LLM and I'm at Lucy Cavendish College. Prior to this degree I worked as a taxation lawyer in Australia where I grew up. In addition to my LLB, I also have bachelor's degree in commerce. Legally speaking, I'm interested in international trade law and intellectual property. Outside of the law, you can interest me in a conversation about anything - though I do enjoy a chat about poetry, cocktails, and philosophy. I hope to achieve my goal of being an approachable and friendly face, and a source of energy and ideas to this wonderful society and to the LLM cohort.